Take a ride

to the unknown

let your journey begin

Mistery trip

Mistrip offers you the chance to go on a surprise trip where the destination and itinerary are unknown.

The mystery concept is taken seriously,

the only things that are revealed are the place and time of the departure.

Go on a chance of a lifetime adventure
that you can share with your friends and family.

that you can share with your friends and family.

As viagens estão sempre
relacionados com o perfil
dos viajantes e podem ter
características e destinos

Like Cultural Tourism, Nature,
Business, Nautical, City Breaks
and many others.
Like Cultural Tourism,
Nautical, City Breaks,
and many others.

For whom are

our trips?

mistrip friends

A different choice for friends that are looking for a joint adventure.

mistrip company

Company members that are looking for a way to reinforce interpersonal relationships and group cohesion.

mistrip love

A trip that focus in a sharing happiness and unity of dreams for couples that are looking for an exciting experience.

mistrip unmarried

For groups of friends that want to organize a bachelor(ette) party different from the usual and that will remain in everybody’s memory.

What is your
mystery level?


All the planning of the trip remains in the mistrip members.


One of the travelers will be partner in the planning of the trip.


There’s the chance to choose the destination of the trip.

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